Key features of Aservo® EquiHaler®

Soft Mist™ is easily inhaled into the lower airway4

Local drug activity deep within the lung2

No statistically significant impact on serum cortisol3,4

Potent novel glucocorticoid reduces inflammation to decrease airway obstruction2

Accepted by >95% of horses6

Studied in over 600 horses under controlled and field conditions3,4,5


Designed to consistently deliver effective treatment — even when it’s hard to breathe

  • Soft Mist™ Technology delivers medication in a slow moving mist1
  • Prodrug activated in the airway epithelium2
  • 12x greater glucocorticoid receptor affinity than dexamethasone2
  • No statistically significant effects on serum cortisol3, 4
  • Accepted by >95% of horses6
  • Proven safety and efficacy under controlled and field conditions in over 600 horses3,4,5


What makes Aservo® EquiHaler® unique

A combination of a novel glucocorticoid (ciclesonide) and advanced inhalation technology (Soft Mist™ Inhaler) together in one product and designed specifically for horses.

A novel glucocorticoid that is only activated in the lower airway to provide targeted treatment that treats the inflammation associated with severe equine asthma – while reducing the concerns commonly associated with systemic corticosteroid administration.
The first Soft Mist™ Inhaler for horses provides high fine-particle fraction for deep peripheral lung deposition, low-velocity stream for easy inhalation and pre-determined dosing for accurate delivery.
The soft nostril adapter fits gently inside the left nostril of the horse, without interrupting normal breathing. The BreathView® indicator allows the user to easily time administration with the beginning of inhalation. The inhaler is ergonomically designed for left-hand use, allowing the right hand to remain free to hold the horse.


The activated prodrug is 12x as potent as dexamethasone2

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Ciclesonide is
an inactive prodrug
Activated to
in the airway
Des-ciclesonide binds
to the glucocorticoid
receptors in the lungs
more potent than dexamethasone2
No statistically significant effect on serum cortisol 3, 4

Soft Mist™

The Soft Mist™ Technology advantage

High fine-particle fraction

>90% of particles in Aservo® EquiHaler® are <5µm diameter

This is the optimal size for deep peripheral lung deposition.


The mist in Aservo® EquiHaler® is released at a low velocity for a long duration which makes it easy to inhale.

This has been validated in horses with severe equine asthma3


Soft Mist™ Inhalers have been shown to have a 20x lower carbon footprint than an equivalent pMDI7


A consistent, pre-determined dose is delivered in each and every actuation

Soft Mist™ Technology = small particle size X low velocity

Smaller respirable particles (<5 microns) administered at low velocity travel with inhaled air deep into peripheral lung.8


Improve the clinical signs of severe equine asthma with a one size fits all* 10-day treatment protocol


*For horses and ponies >200kg



Support for vets and owners

We want to make prescribing and dispensing Aservo® EquiHaler® a positive experience for you and your clients. Download the vet and owner manuals or contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager for hard copies delivered to your practice. Supplying an owner manual every time you prescribe Aservo® EquiHaler® means that owners can access video guides that support a positive introduction of the product and makes implementing management changes a breeze. 

Now you are ready to try the new way to treat equine asthma. 

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